Achievements displayed for 2023 National Science Popularization Day at Shougang Park
updated: 2023-09-27 16:12:08

The main event of 2023 National Science Popularization Day, co-sponsored by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, and 20 ministries and commissions, was held in Shougang Park, Beijing from Sept 16 to 24.

Themed by "Enhancing Scientific Literacy for All, Empowering Technological Self-Reliance," the event showcases China's abundant achievements and practices in science popularization. It provides the public, especially the youth, with engaging and entertaining scientific and culture experiences.

The main event featuring a sci-tech exhibition consists of five sections themed by "Leading the Way to Brilliance", "Confidently Building a Strong Nation", " Benefiting People's Livelihoods with Science and Technology", "Science Popularization Carnival", and "Strengthening Science Education". More than 20 themed exhibition areas were set up, including "Manufacturing Strength by AI", "the Lunar Exploration Program”, “Science and Technology for People's Livelihoods”, "the Intelligent Transportation", and "the Science Popularization of Emergency Response". Over 360 exhibits from 104 units across the country were showcased.

Visitors experience the C919 driving simulator.

Children experience popular science projects.

Visitors observe the model of Shenzhou re-entry module.

Children participate in interactive activities at the booth.

Source: Official website of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST)