NSFC releases measures to boost science popularization
updated: 2023-11-14 16:21:49

A girl interacts with a robotic arm at an exhibition on science popularization in Beijing on Sept 17, 2023.

[Photo credit: Xinhua]

The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) recently issued a slew of guidelines on strengthening science popularization in the new era, to better present science to the public and accelerate the construction of the national innovation system.

The NSFC will focus on enhancing the public's understanding of basic research, and further promote the innovative projects it funds, according to the guidelines.

The guidelines covers a wide range of items, including promoting science popularization among the youth and the general public, enhancing the interdisciplinary research capabilities of the sci-tech community, inspiring scientific thought and methods, and disseminating scientists' stories.

Furthermore, it encourages researchers working on NSFC-funded projects or corresponding research programs to share their progress with the public, actively engage in science popularization, and demonstrate their academic achievements.

The NSFC will increase support for international cooperation and exchange projects, encourage international science popularization activities, and support researchers to get involved in or spearhead the establishment of international science popularization organizations to promote high-quality science resource-sharing at home and abroad.

Additionally, a talent pool for science popularization should be established, and further efforts should be made to strengthen cooperation with professional science popularization institutions and to conduct regular skills training for relevant departments and researchers.

Source: Science and Technology Daily