ECC-9 to offer enriching scientific items regarding chemical exchanges
updated: 2024-06-26 10:22:34

Hosted by the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland (ICI), the 9th European Chemistry Society (EuChemS) Chemistry Congress (ECC-9) will take place in Dublin, Ireland, from July 7 to 11, 2024.  

The Congress will offer an enriching and engaging array of scientific items featuring world-renowned plenary speakers, invited speakers, and short oral presentations, along with poster presentations, all of which will focus on eight scientific themes, namely, “Advances in Synthetic Organic Chemistry”, “Catalysis”, “Chemistry Meets Biology for Health”, “Education, History, Cultural Heritage, and Ethics in Chemistry”, “Energy, Environment and Sustainability”, “Nanochemistry/Materials”, “Physical, Analytical and Computational Chemistry”, and “Supramolecular Chemistry”.

The Congress is the 9th edition of the European Chemistry Congress series, which is recognized for its high-end academic resources. Since its inception in Budapest in 2006, the Congress has been held in various cities around Europe, offering opportunities for interaction and exchanges with the most celebrated researchers across the world.

World-leading plenary speakers presenting at 9th EuChemS Chemistry Congress this year

Those interested in the Conference can visit its official website: for more information. Registration is open at the following link:

Source: Official website of the CCS