Two wild giant pandas spotted in Gansu
updated: 2024-07-10 09:17:07

A screenshot of the video

Technicians at the Gansu National Park Monitoring Center recently received monitoring data of a wild giant panda and a panda cub at the Baima River Conservation Station in Gansu's Giant Panda National Park, via a 700MHz real-time transmission natural resource monitoring terminal.

The video clips show the panda had just finished foraging and was leisurely strolling through the forest.

In recent years, the Gansu Provincial Administration of the Qilian Mountain National Park has been vigorously promoting the construction of the Gansu section of the Giant Panda National Park.

They have built a sky-ground integration monitoring system and installed 600 700MHz real-time transmission natural resource monitoring terminals in the park.

Through the application of the advanced technologies, they trigger cameras to capture wildlife activities and transmit the recorded data back to the monitoring platform in real-time, marking the end of Gansu's previous practice of manually retrieving memory cards from infrared cameras, significantly enhancing the efficiency of wildlife monitoring.