About Us
updated: 2023-05-06 14:44:42

The Voice of CAST(VOC) is the official communication platform of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). CAST is a non-governmental organization representing the science and technology professionals in China. CAST is composed of an extensive group of national societies and local and community-based associations. By visiting the VOC website, public users can follow closely the updates of CAST and its national member societies and local branches nationwide, including the latest sci-tech events, introductions to journals, themed conferences on facilitating international sci-tech-driven development, academic exchanges, and science popularization projects.


CAST was founded in September 1958, being merged by the All-China Federation of Natural Science Societies and the All-China Federation for Science Popularization, both of which were founded in 1950. But CAST’s history extends further back. Among its member learned societies on the national level, 10 have been around for over a century, with the earliest dating back to 1907.


By the end of 2022, CAST consisted of 217 national sci-tech societies, more than 3,000 local associations and some 150,000 community-based organizations. Together, they serve over 120 million scientists and engineers in China.

National level learned societies affiliated with CAST span natural sciences, engineering, agriculture, medicine and interdisciplinary disciplines. These societies and associations publish a wide range of high quality academic journals and periodicals and have more than 6 million individual members. Some are top ranking in the world. They represent the highest level of natural science achievement in China, and have played an indispensable role in innovation of social governance and international governance of science and technology.

CAST’s local associations encompass a divergent group of science organizations at provincial, city, county levels and community-based organizations at enterprises and universities across China.

Participating in Global Science Governance

CAST has contributed to the global governance of science and technology with Chinese wisdom by initiating international science and technology organizations to support Chinese scientists in positions in international organizations and offer consulting services for the United Nations. By the end of 2022, CAST and its national learned societies had joined 380 international science organizations. A total of 528 Chinese scientists had been recommended for leadership positions at international non-governmental science organizations.

Mission and Vision

CAST seeks to serve the science and technology workforce, is dedicated to innovation-driven development, promotes improvement of science literacy, and informs public decision-making with scientific expertise. It works to bring together wider science and technology professionals, champion the spirit of scientists and develop firm academic standards. CAST is always focused on the world and the future, and promotes the openness, trust and cooperation in the international science community to contribute more to building a human community with a shared future.