Exhibition explores Qian Xuesen's aspiration and faith
An exhibition named "A Choice - Qian Xuesen's Original Aspiration and Faith" kicked off recently at the National Museum for Modern Chinese Scientists in Beijing.
Exhibition of US-educated Scientists Returning to China
The “Return — Exhibition of US-educated Scientists Returning to China” tells the stories of 17 prominent scientists who returned to China from the United States, with a vivid demonstration of their patriotic spirit through more than 50 artifacts and nearly 150 photographs.
"Backbone of the PRC" exhibition traces academic journeys of senior scientists
The exhibition vividly showcases the spirit of Chinese sci-tech workers who are determined to serve the country and the people under the strong leadership of the CPC, as well as their exceptional accomplishments in science and technology.
CAASS supports rural development in Huanggang
The "supporting rural vitalization in Huanggang" activity was held by the China Association of Agricultural Science Societies (CAASS) from May 28 to 30 in Huanggang, Central China's Hubei province.